Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Duration – What You Should Know

There are many symptoms that people get when they quit drinking alcohol. For those who have been regular drinkers, the brain has gotten used to having its ‘fix’ every so often and when the person all of a sudden stops drinking, all kinds of symptoms appear. For this reason it is important to be in touch with a doctor and let them know that you have a drinking problem and are going to stop drinking. Working with a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous is also a good idea as then you have someone to call on that can encourage you.

Generally speaking, the alcoholic withdrawal symptoms duration is about five days. If you can make it for those difficult days, then more than half the battle is won. After that time, the symptoms lessen and disappear. The brain and body gets used to functioning without alcohol and the additions is broken. However, there can be long term damage done to the heart and the liver if you have been drinking for many years.

One thing that is important to be aware of is that alcohol Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms can, in some cases, be very severe, life threatening in fact. A lot of people, however, just get moderate or mild withdrawal symptoms – they are edgy and nervous, get headaches, sweat a lot, and get insomnia, to name just a few symptoms. However, some recovering alcoholics do get more serious symptoms and that is why it is important to be in touch with a doctor, as was mentioned above. If you are recovering from an alcohol addiction and you experience severe vomiting, get delirious, or get a seizure, then you should contact your doctor, who will most likely recommend that you admit yourself into a hospital. If you live with someone who experiences these symptoms, hospitalization is the best route to go; while these symptoms do not affect most recovering alcoholics, these symptoms are usually a sign that one or more organs have been damaged due to extensive drinking and the person in question needs a thorough health check up.

It is also important to know that while the milder symptoms occur anywhere from five to six hours after the last drink, some of the more serious ones do not show until 24 or even 48 hours after the person has had their last drink. The more serous the problem the sooner and strong the symptoms will be.

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