All That You Wanted to Know About Managed Print Services


What are Managed print services? This basically means having to manage all the devices which are producing hardcopies and compiling them correctly. The work of managing all the devices goes to an external company or establishment. So, what are the devices that are included in this?

  • Copy machines
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Some other device which does multi tasking

The Important Stages:

There are a few stages which are involved in the Printing materials’ quality managing of print services and leading to the process of outsourcing:

  1. The first stage is the controlling stage. Here any kind of implementation which is connected with the management of print service is brought to focus. The focussing is done so that the control of the devices can be gained.
  2. The second stage deals with the optimisation. This is also a process where the implementation is done. The point here is to make sure that all the hard copy devices are being used in such a manner so that they yield maximum productivity. Basically the focus is to make sure that the hard copy devices retain all the asset value which they previously had.
  3. The third stage in the Print managed services is to go beyond the process of optimising. Now the target is to make the customer use or rather improve the features of the current fleet of the devices to enhance their performance. Certain processes like managing documents and document workflow are used. These help in speeding processing applications for loans and other activities which also need paperwork.

Parts Of Managing Services

There is something on a broader level which is called the Managed Services. Out of this, MPS is one particular branch. There are different companies or vendors which provide such managing solutions to support and maintain the fleet of hard copy devices.

Basically any company that would manufacture machines related to printing could be the provider of printing solutions. These vendors always keep an eye on the hardware which is used. So when the client’s hardware is malfunctioning, the vendor will make sure to replace it with better and improved versions of the product. This is done by the vendor to reduce any kind of extra expenditure that his clients may have to incur.

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