How to Get Rid of Toxins With Foot Detoxing


Each and every single day of our existence is spent amongst smoke, dirt, heavy metal toxins, pollutants and other such harmful substances – both of the synthetic and natural variety. The result is that these free radicals deplete our bodies of vital life giving elements. That is why we feel so fatigued and drained of energy. And this is also the reason behind our inability to recover fast from medical or surgical procedures, injuries and illnesses.

Foot Detox

This is where a foot bath detox comes in. I am sure you have heard of whole body detoxification. Foot bath detoxification is an extension of the same concept that offers healing benefits for a variety of ailments. And mostly these body detox treatments baths are offered by health spas and resort spas across the globe.

They take their cue from the ancient practice of bathing in the natural hot springs or cold water springs or mineral rich spring waters, as prevalent amongst ancient societies in Rome and Greece and India and China and Mesopotamia. The therapeutic effects are clearly undisputed.

Benefits of Foot Detox bath

Some of the most notable benefits include relief from chronic pain or symptomatic pain, increased relaxation, a sense of rejuvenation, decreased fatigue, and a drop in stress levels, improved circulation and detoxification of the body through the foot.

All the toxins and wastes stored in your body will be removed through a Foot Detox bath and finally your system will be able to function optimally. It can also superphactor help to alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. If you suffer from any other kind of diseases and conditions, then also a Foot Detox bath can heal you.

If you undergo an ionic foot detoxification bath, then the latter will release ions into your body. This helps in the body’s rebalancing of pH levels. And this in turn leads to a healthy system.

People who have undergone 10 day ionic Foot Detox bath therapy have reported the following benefits such as extremely restful sleep, elimination of mucus and diarrhea, decrease in gas and bloating, reduction in flatulence, lesser irritability, a heightened sense of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and stress decrease throughout the body, improved mental clarity and increased energy levels. IBS will definitely reduce. There are no side effects as such and the results are pretty lasting.

Different types of Foot Detox

The different types are body detoxification via an ionizing footbath, detox foot pads, aqua detox, detox foot patch and detox foot spa. In a foot detox, the pores on your feet (the largest pores in your body) are utilized to extract toxic substances embedded in your body. Detoxifying agents and ingredients are applied on the skin of your foot to detoxify the body.


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