Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Integrity is Just the Price of Admission


So many luxury real estate marketing professionals attempt to differentiate themselves from their competition by claiming that they have integrity in their advertisements. The majority of real estate Puerto Vallarta Mexico professionals who have enjoyed longevity in their field have integrity or they would not still be in the business. And, those few unscrupulous ones are often the ones who use the “I” word in their collateral material and ads.

Integrity is just the price of admission in the highly competitive landscape of marketing luxury real estate. Those who have achieved market leadership in their area simply could not survive at the top f integrity were not a fundamental building block of a highly successful practice.

The urge to be less than forthright, up-front, straightforward and frank with ones clients comes from a scarcity mentality. That is, the idea that there are not enough clients and, therefore, not enough business to meet ones income goals. This is small thinking!

At the core of this scarcity mentality and small thinking is simply a small contact database of potential referral sources. Believing that there is not enough business causes people do things they would not do if there was plenty of business.

Four Ways to Think Big and Get Prosperous While Maintaining Your Integrity

To build a thriving practice while maintaining your integrity it is necessary to set the ethical standards of integrity for yourself that you would expect of a very competent and highly success professional. Think of someone in your profession that you respect and set the goal to emulate that person’s level of integrity.

Here are the four best ways to start thinking big with integrity:

Extrovert! Get out of your office and meet more people. Build a huge database of potential referral sources. Get over your shyness. The most successful professions have figured out a way to overcome their shyness.
Delegate! It becomes easy to hide behind the excuse that you do not have enough time in a day to accomplish what you want and still have a life. Delegate everything you can possible think of to an assistant or virtual assistant and free up more time to meet more people. Build a huge contact database. Just about everyone is shy and lazy when it comes to meeting new people. Successful people overcome this obstacle to success.
Expand! Exponentially expand the boundaries of your marketplace.
Stay In Touch! Keep in touch with your expanded database of contacts.
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