Tips to Buying Designer Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face


When buying designer sunglasses online, it can be particularly difficult when you are concerned whether a particular shape would best suit you. However, if you apply a few rules to your choice and pick an online store that offers a good returns service just in case you change your mind you should be fine.

Number one, look at your basic face shape. If you are undecided what this is, ask a good friend their opinion. Pick the color lens to suit your skin tone, notably amber or light colored rose tints would suit paler skins while silver or gold a darker skin. If looking for new polarized sunglasses for men to play particular sports, be aware that some colors are better than others for different sports and, special lenses may be required for pursuits such as mountain climbing.

Basically though, if your face is small, look for smaller glasses and if your face is larger look for larger glasses. Don’t choose designer round sunglasses with a similar frame shape to your dominant face shape as it is unlikely to flatter you.

For those of you who have an oval face, lucky things, as most shapes will suit you although wider frames would look more appealing. If you have a round face shape though, go for a more rectangular pair of wide sunglasses to make your face look thinner and choose a narrower frame if you have a heart-shaped face.

If you have a more angular diamond shaped face with a small forehead and chin but high cheekbones, you may find that a narrow oval shape will complement your face better, as this will provide a balance. Square frames with rounded corners may work well, but ensure that the glasses do not extend past the high-point of the cheekbone. You can also soften the chin for triangular shaped faces by going for something that draws attention to the eyes such as an oval, perhaps with an upper metal frame only.

If your face is squarer you need to softened the outline a little, so try an oval shape frame. Should your face be more of an oblong the shape, this will be balanced by either round or square glasses that add width, for example, decorative or contrasting temples can achieve an illusion of width.

I’m sure you will also consider your hairstyle and hair color when choosing your new designer sunglasses, but I’m not about to go on about that as I’m sure you have considered that for other things, especially if you already wear ordinary glasses. I wish you well with your search and sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.

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