Ways to Go Green


Where to begin? When I think about ways to go green, my thoughts just spin in my head. How will I find the time to commit to going green? How do I reinforce going green with my family? You read about recycling, reusing and reducing your lifestyle but no one really says just begin here and take one small step at a time then add on as you go.

Here are some ideas that I broke down for the going green newbie. Simple and easy tasks broken down into 1, 5 or 30 minute time slots. Go ahead and give it a go. I think you will find this easy and thought provoking.

1 minute – turn off the lights, unplug wall reusable coffee cup that don’t need the juice, fill a reusable bottle with water and store in refrigerator instead of purchasing a plastic bottle, grab a reusable bag on the way out the door.

5 minutes – put in a low flow shower head and save more than 12 gallons per shower, reduce junk mail by using online to stop junk mail.

30 minutes – Mow the lawn after 6pm when emissions have less time to react with sunlight, which is a major culprit in air pollution, read from a newspaper online, bring a reusable coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop in the morning, sign up for online statements for utility bills and credit card statements, reduce paper waste.

Once you start looking at these small but significant ideas you will start to notice other ways to cut your costs and save resources. Turn your family green.

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